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A juicy blend of peach and strawberry!

Our Price: $5.50
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A mouth-watering blend of tropical fruit sweetness, with a burst of melon and a hint of cantaloupe!

Our Price: $5.50
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Mexican candy! An exotic mixture of mango & guava with a touch of summertime fruit!

Our Price: $5.50
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A favorite summer Route 44- blue coconut!

Our Price: $5.50
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Mmm.. Old fashioned lemon pie!

Our Price: $5.50
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A handful of delicious blueberries with a touch of sweetness!

Our Price: $5.50
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Hand picked lemons with a raspberry twist!

Our Price: $5.50
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A sweet and savory blend of exotic fruits that satisfies all your cravings!

Our Price: $5.50
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A tropical umbrella drink with a dash of grapefruit to sweeten up your favorite vacation spot!

Our Price: $5.50